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Pay Per Sale Marketing Packages

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  • You are a startup/recently established business or ecommerce business
  • You have a website & social media presence with few thousand visits per month
  • An Established business
  • You have an actively managed website & social profiles
  • An Established business
  • You have an actively managed website & social profiles

    Lead Generation – email Marketing/sms marketing

    Website Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    On-page & Off-page On-page On-page

    Website Backups & Maintenance

    SEM/SMM/PPC Services/ Google Adwords/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Linkedin/ Video Promotions

    Social Media Engagement Campaigns

    1500+ Remotely working lead generation team

    Tele calling lead generation

    Whatsapp Marketing

    Website Security checks & improvement

    Website Redesign for ease of access, look & feel improvements, modern design * 

    Affiliate Marketing

    Website Content Re-writing

    Online Reputation Management

    Email & CRM Tools Assistance


    Rs.15,000/- Per Month

    Rs.25,000/- One time Setup fee

    Rs.40,000/- One time Setup fee



    30% on Profit

    15% on Profit

    *-Paid services may be required (Optional)

    Pay Per Sale (PPS) is a brilliant marketing pricing arrangement in which payment depends only on qualifying sales. In this agreement, the advertiser pays only for sales caused by the destination website and it depends on an agreed upon rate of commission.

    Pay Per Sale arrangement offers some incredible and extraordinary benefits, as compared to pay per lead and pay per click. Moreover, Pay per sale is one type of affiliate marketing model in which the advertiser pays the respective affiliate only for the sales of products. For instance, a customer visits the affiliate link to the website of the advertiser and purchases something. During this procedure, the affiliate is recognized via the system scripts associated with the affiliate program. Eventually, depending upon the purchase information, the affiliate would be paid a pre-agreed commission.

    It’s also true that the affiliate gets a high commission in case the purchase successfully happens. Nevertheless, pay per sale programs feature the lowest conversion rates because the customer needs to pay his/her money and it needs lots of convincing. With the advancements in today’s technology, different types of online marketing programs have come into existence by which a business could get tremendous support.

    It’s a digital era and so more and more companies are looking for various ways online when it’s the question of marketing and promoting of their products to have more and more customers.

    We provide Pay-Per-Sale Marketing services to our clients.

    Provide the payment of a commission only whenever you have made a sale.

    A guaranteed enhancement in ROI (Return on investment) from the first day Moreover, we will enhance your sales. No management fees would be charged. It is Pay-per-Sale not Pay-per-Lead.

    You will pay us a commission on the business that you close from the leads that we have sent, reporting through our online system or your Customer relationship management (CRM).

    Our commission percentage is in affordable and lower rate.

    So, what are you waiting for? Try our Pay Per Sale services today.

    Call : +91-8123129197

    Call : +91-8123129197