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Point Of Sales

Point Of Sales

POS is a software that will help you to manage your inventory, accounting and hrm. We believe that this software is suitable for both wholesale and retail buisness model and an ideal product for any Super Shop. This user friendly software is fully responsive and has many features. Hope that this software will be helpful to manage your buisness inventory.


You can create sale from POS. Customer, Warehouse and Biller (representative of your company) will be automatically selected according to POS Settings under Settings module. Touch screen keybord is activated in POS module. You can add product to order table by typing or scanning barcode of product. Featured Product will be displayed in the right side. You can also add product by clicking product image. You can edit product info from order table.


You can make payment from Purchase table. You can make payment with Cash, Gift Card, Cheque, Credit card and Deposit