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Channel Partner Opportunity Pan INDIA | IT NON IT Projects | JOB Oriented Training Courses

IT Company Channel Partner Opportunity that Gives Profit & Brand Value in Your City!

This is one key reason for you to associate with INFOSKATERS as a Channel Partner. In an industry that is expected to register strong growth over the next decade, with a partner that offers the most competitive IT & Digital Marketing solutions, state-of-the-art technology and supported by a team of the experienced IT professionals, the road to success cannot get simpler.

Our Channel Partner get 10 -40% Discount & access to all our offerings:

  • WTK Software, CashBack Software & N-Services App Customization
  • Web, Software & Mobile App Development
  • Training Course Fees 
  • SEO Packages 
  • Domain, Hosting & Maintenance
  • Enrolling Work From Home Members 
  • Candidates Placement
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    The INFOSKATERS Channel Partner Model

    Channel Partner Fee (Refundable) 1,000,000 750,000 500,000 300,000
    Area Requirement 400-600 sqft 400-600 sqft 400-600 sqft 250-400 sqft
    Projected fitment cost 400,000 300,000 150,000 100,000
    Min Expected Revenue/Month 1st Year 150,000 100,000 80,000 60,000
    Min Expected Revenue/Month 2nd Year 180,000 125,000 100,000 80,000
    Min Expected Revenue/Month 3rd Year 225,000 150,000 250,000 100,000
    Term of the Agreement 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years

    Other Requirements:

    The office space should preferably be on a high street and main road facing.
    The exterior of the premises should have a provision of placing a glow sign board which is highly visible from the main road
    The interior of the office would be as per the brand guidelines and the cost would be borne by the channel-partner
    Power backup of the building or the channel-partner to be available.

    WHO are we looking for?

    We are actively seeking partnership of enterprising individuals who are passionate about the IT & Digital Marketing industry. The Channel Partner appointment will be selectively granted to prospects that demonstrate not only adequate business acumen, but also an impressive business track record, exceptional leadership traits, proven management capabilities and an ability to adapt to a constantly changing and evolving IT & Digital Marketing industry.
    Owners of licensed IT Training agencies will be given preference owing to their relevant experience in the IT industry. However, non-IT professionals who display an interest in associating with INFOSKATERS, and willingness to acquire a IT license or investing in an existing registered IT Training agency are also encouraged to seek partnership with us. Applicants must also demonstrate sound financial resources to drive business growth without any disruption.

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    Fixed Salary and Rent

  • For business expansion & for reaching the expected targets planned by company one resource will be hired and trained to know about company product, service & training courses from local place for first 12 months on company pay Roll. 
  • First 12 months rent will be taken care by the Company but the building deposit cost would be borne by the Channel Partner. 

  • Operations Support

  • Guidance and support by dedicated business teams.
  • State-of-the-art operational tools for a stronger interface with your consumers.
  • Dedicated team of product & service delivery experts to provide on-time solutions to all enquiries.
  • INFOSKATERS committed regional team to support you with day to day operations.
  • Frequent and timely updates on the IT industry trends and updated information on INFOSKATERS products, services & Courses.

  • Marketing Support

  • Support in designing the branch office. 
  • High decibel launch of the franchise branch office in the catchment area.
  • Media support in the form of mentions (address & phone numbers on company website) in regional /national print campaigns
  • Support for local promotional activities

  • Training and Recruitment

  • Guidelines for recruitment of suitable staff and candidates for the course. 
  • Buddy training program for Channel Partner staff to help them understand various aspects of the business. 
  • Regular product training workshops to familiarize the team with all INFOSKATERS products & services. 
  • Frequent training programs at franchise location by INFOSKATERS experts.

  • Performance Linked Bonus 

    In order to consistently achieve their own ambitions & goals set with INFOSKATERS, we offer our Channel partner an opportunity to earn performance linked bonuses in the form of monetary and non-monetary incentives.

    Channel Partner Meets, Rewards & Recognition Program: 

    Every year, INFOSKATERS organizes a pan India Channel Partner meet. This meet serves as a unique platform to discuss developments, share best practices, celebrate achievements and reward top performers.