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nSERVICES Applications
nSERVICES APP - Home & Local Services Booking App Software.

nServices App was launched all over the country and worldwide on 24th December 2017 and we are getting a lot of enquiries for the same.

Inquiries are coming from all over the world for different services as nServices had varied services in the App.

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TngTong On Demand Home Services
tngtong - It caters to On Demand Home Services industry

The nascent on-demand services segment -- where consumers can request for a home service using the web or an app -- has the potential to grow to a full-fledged industry, according to experts, with existing companies increasing their scale and new companies entering the segment.

Popular on-demand home services include furniture on rent, hiring maids, health and fitness, beauty, plumbing, construction, carpenter, doctor, physiotherapist among others.

On-demand home services are seeing increasing adoption among consumers. Given the paucity of time and the high level of stress in everyday lives, consumers are looking for convenient and reliable solutions for their daily household needs.

Infoskaters Technologies ‘s TngTong App  will be the first service app where all the services will be included and  it can be used by any target customers’.  It will be available all over the country shortly. The uniqueness of this app is, it has the local channel partners who can manage the service providers ‘ locally and everything is tracked live (Real Time), which ensures that service providers’ to arrive at customers’ doorstep on time every time.

It provides the services on the day to day requirements of an individual and consists of Service Providers (Professionals) whose backgrounds are checked and verified to ensure customers’ safety and also for high quality service.

TngTong app is designed to deliver unmatched performance at affordable cost, thereby offering a unique and seamless service to various customer requirements.

Our expertise in technology makes it easier to customize the app which enables us to deliver a holistic solution to the Service Providers and the customers alike.

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