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We perform and recommend web site / app analysis and optimization because it results in highly competitive web sites that out-perform on all required metrics such as conversion rates, traffic, speed, and importantly the ROI. We make use of our creativity and innovation to design web sites and apps.

Advantages of Analytics

1. Detect and change weak and unresponsive areas in your application.

2. Measure and optimize your conversion funnels and easily see the breakdown of funnels’ activity day by day.

3. Increase your user retention by optimizing your push notifications and responding to your users’ needs and demands rapidly.

4. Increase the stability of your application by using our real time crash and exception analytics reporting.

5. Maximize your user engagement by providing outstanding user experience.

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Our Analytics Services includes

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence cloud service

Data Engineering and Warehousing

Enterprise performance management

Planning and Budgeting cloud service

Advanced analytics and Big data.