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Digital marketing / Friday, March 6th, 2020

Digital Marketing Training For Beginners

Higher Education play’s a salient role in One’s Career.

So Graduating from a Reputed Institution is always top in its Demand.

Higher education offers more desirable employment possibilities, incentives for upward career growth, access to research and relevant industry connection.

We at Infoskaters firmly believe in the power of positive change that education will bring into one’s career.

Infoskaters Technologies has partnered with the best SEO Guru in the World “Neil Patel” to offer specialized education programs for Infoskaters Scholars and providing Digital Marketing Training For Beginners.

Digital Marketing Training For


How Addicted are you to the Internet?

Would you believe me if I told you that every second someone is getting addicted to the internet!

Marketing has always been about finding and attracting the right audience at the right time. So finding your right audience would be a place where they spend their time the most: the Internet.

Any way of adverting that is done or exists via the Internet is called “Digital Marketing ”

Let me tell you a Secret

Digital Marketing provides you with an ocean of opportunities in India

Let me prove to you how accurate is my Secret.

Remember what Our Prime Minister Tell you all the time  ” its time for Digital India”

Digital Marketing has an Enormous number of strategies and options available. You can get Creative with the Marketing tactics with no limitations set. You get a Real-Time Experience of how the market works. We at Infoskaters Believe Some Skills are Learned by Experience, not by a  Lecture Class.


Why Digital Marketing is significant to students?

Digital Marketing Training For Beginners: Digital Marketing will uncover the specialist in you, inspire you to carry out your creativity, lead you in the skills you can never learn in a classroom. Help you learn how to build brand reputation and build trust between people. Lets you Grow Your Career Rapidly.

Digital Marketing Training For

You will learn all about Digital Marketing in just a short period.

Learn Something new about the Market every time there is an update on how the market is functioning. You can also make money through Affiliate Marketing through blogs and Social Media Platforms. Digital Marketing prepares you to find excellent work today and prepares you to meet the challenges of tomorrow. It lets you specialize in multiple processes like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Analytics, and others. Teaches you how to successfully run a Start-up Company. You get to work without any Stress and Targets. Presents you a platform where you can work Globally.

It provides you with immense Employment Scope, and much more.


We Infoskaters provides you with all the above Advantages and also with our own few advantages like…

Lifetime Help & Support from the Company.

Job Opportunity & Placement Assistance.

You can also Earn While you Learn.

It Industry Experience.

Learn from the Best SEO Guru in the world ” Neil Patel ”

Support and Assistance from ” Neil Patel ”

You can learn wherever & whenever you want without affecting your lifestyle.


9 Types of Certification such as:

1.Google Search Ads Certification

2.Google Display Ads Certification

3.Google Shopping Ads Certification

4.Google Video Ads Certification

5.Google Analytics Certification

6.SEMrush Technical SEO Certification

7.Bing Ads Certification (Microsoft)

8.Email Marketing Certification (Hubspot)

9.Company’s Experience Certificate (Infoskaters Technologies)


Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

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